Cold front approaches Puerto Rico


A strong cold front along with a mass of fresh air approaches Puerto Rico and must be arriving on the island between this afternoon and night. This can be clearly seen in the satellite image near Hispaniola.

Compared to the other two cold fronts we have received during the past two weeks, it’s expected that this will cause more rains on the island with accumulations of rains that could reach between 2 and 3 inches, especially in the northern area of Puerto Rico.

According to weather models, the cold front will be with us at least until Tuesday following the path a mass of fresh dry air so we will have temperatures below normal and cool temperatures once the cold front passes from the island. In the mountain expect temperatures in the 50s, the rest of the island will enjoy pleasant temperatures.

This will also cause strong waves so you should be careful on the northern, western and eastern coasts of Puerto Rico where waves up to 10 feet high could be reported from tonight.


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